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A Little Bird Told Me and Other Bird Idioms

Updated: May 11

Birds have made their way into literature and language all around the world. In poetry and song, birds are often considered a sign of freedom and hope and have been used as allegories representative of the invincible human spirit.

Finish these famous idioms about birds:

1. Like a duck out of ______________

2. Birds of a feather flock _________________

3. Like water off a duck's ____________

4. Crazy as a ___________

5. Happy as a ________

6. The early bird gets the ____________

7. To take someone under your _____________

8. A bird's eye ___________

9. To kill two birds with one __________

10. As the crow ____________

11. An Albatross around the ____________

12. As silly as a _____________

13. As proud as a _________

14. A bird in the hand is worth two in the _________

15. To clip someone's _________

16. Lovely weather for a __________

17. No spring __________

18. To ruffle someone's ____________

19. To spread your ____________

20. What's good for the __________ is good for the ___________

Answer: 1)water 2)together 3)back 4)loon 5)lark 6)worm 7)wing 8)view 9)stone 10)flies 11)neck 12) goose 13)peacock 14)bush 15)wings 16)ducks 17)chicken 18)feathers 19)wings 20)goose/gander

Further ideas:

*Do you know what each of these idioms mean? Try to explain them in your own words.

*Which bird idioms do you use the most?


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