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Did You Ever See A Dream Walking and Other Idioms

An Activity to be used with: Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams Playlist

Just dreaming about all the ways that the word "dream"is used: Dreamland, Dreamboat, Dreamy, Daydream, Dreamer, Dream Cake and what else? Try and complete the list of idioms below.

1. If someone believes in an unattainable goal, we say they have a ___________dream.

2. The opportunity for success of all its citizens is considered the _______________ dream.

3. If something is more spectacular than you have hoped, one might say it is beyond one's ______________dreams.

4. If someone sees the world as always perfect, we can say they are living in a ________world.

5. To show you feel something is never going to happen you might use this idiom by saying, "In your __________."

6. A long time wish or goal accomplished is called a dream come ___________.

7. Are the candidates in the upcoming election a dream __________ for their political party?

8. To say you would never do something because you think it is not right, one might say, "I wouldn't dream ____ ____."

9. If you can't make up your mind quickly, one might say,"let me __________ on it."

10. To say that your dreams did not come true, one could use the idiom"__________ dreams."

Answers: 1)pipe 2)American 3)wildest 4)dream 5)dreams 6)true 7)ticket 8) of it 9)sleep 10)broken



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