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Favorite Memories of Home Journal Prompts

Bob Hope once said that he grew up with six brothers. That's how he learned to dance - waiting for the bathroom. What are your favorite memories of home?

1.What did your childhood home look like?

2. Did you live in the city or in the country?

3. What was your favorite room in your house when you were growing up?

4. What did your bedroom look like as you were growing up?

5. Did you share your room with a sibling?

6. What did your kitchen look like? Did you ever have to help prepare the meals? Was Mealtime a family affair?

7. Do you remember you neighbors from your hometown? Were there any characters who stood out?

8. Of all the places that you have lived in your whole life, which place felt the most like "home"?

9. After you moved out of your childhood home, did you continue to visit frequently? or only for holidays?

10. Write about a favorite childhood memory from growing up in your childhood home/hometown.


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