Like Night and Day and Other Idioms

To be used with "Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day Playlist"

Do you ever catch yourself saying the following idioms? Which word goes in the blanks below. Use the word: Day or Night

  1. At all hour of the ___________ and ___________.

  2. Today is a red-letter__________.

  3. An apple a __________ keeps the doctor away.

  4. Like ships that pass in the ___________.

  5. In the still of the _________.

  6. It's as plain as ________.

  7. Time to call it a __________.

  8. He came in like a thief in the _________.

  9. To give someone the time of ________.

  10. To work all the livelong __________.

  11. Have a bad hair __________.

  12. In the dead of the ________.

  13. Another __________, another dollar.

  14. Red sky at _________, a shepherd's delight.

  15. To go for a ___________ on the town.

  16. As happy as the ___________ is long.

  17. Morning, noon and __________.

  18. Save it for a rainy __________.

  19. To live to fight another _________.

  20. To go from one _________ to the next.

Answers: 1)night and day 2)day 3)day 4)night 5)night 6)day 7)night (or day) 8)night 9)day 10)day 11) day 12)night 13)day 14)night 15)night 16)day 17)night 18)day 19)day 20)day

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