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Memories of Mom

Updated: May 5

Mothers shape our first impressions of ourselves and the world around us. What do you remember most about your mom?

1. What was the first memory you have of your mother?

2. What were some fun moments you shared with your mom?

3. What was a kind thing that you remember your mom doing for you?

4. What were your mom's hobbies and talents?

5. What was your favorite tradition that your mom passed down?

6. Was your mom strict?

7. What were the best lessons that your mom ever taught you?

8. How would your mom take care of you when your were sick?

9. Did your mom like to cook? Do you remember any special meals she made?

10. What are somethings that your mom used to do to show you she loved you?

11. Did your mom love music? If so, what were her favorite songs?

12. Did your mom love to garden? What were her favorite flowers or vegetables to grow?

13. What do you miss the most about your mom?

14. Did you inherit any of your mom's habits?

15. What was your favorite way to spend time with your mom?


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