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Piggy Back Song Writing

Everyone has been taking up new hobbies with their new found time during this quarantine. I would like to suggest a new hobby for you. How about becoming a song writer? You might just surprise yourself with your new found talents. So grab a pen and paper and let's get started!

Do you know what piggy back song writing is? Piggy Back Song Writing is taking a familiar melody (like You Are My Sunshine) and changing the words.

Try writing a piggy back song based on You Are My Sunshine. ( 1 or 2 verses, plus a chorus)

  • Choose a theme :_____________________________(a person you miss, being stuck inside, springtime, traveling, what you wish you could eat while quarantined,etc...)

  • Brainstorm possible ideas that could fit your theme: (a person you miss:qualities you love about them, being stuck inside:what specifically is difficult, etc…)

  • Organize/ group your ideas into possible verses or possible lines

  • Look at the meter of the original song and to begin grouping your ideas based on the rhythm and meter of the song you are going to piggy back. (keep singing the original song in your head to make sure the new verses will match up)

  • Sometimes you can keep a few words of the original song and just change of few words:


You are my____meatball, my lovely meatball, I wish I could eat you everyday.

On top of spaghetti, or on a sandwich, I would love you any-way….

But most importantly, Just have fun!

OH! I almost forgot. Any great song writer needs to share their work. Be sure to sing your song for your friends and family.


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