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When A Problem "A Rose"

Did you know that there are over 150 varieties of roses in the world? Since ancient times, the rose has been a symbol of love. The world's oldest living rosebush has been growing on the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany since AD 815.

The most loved of all the flowers, the rose has made it's mark on the English language. Try to match the rose idiom with its meaning.

1. No bed of roses

2. Everything is coming up roses

3. Stop and smell the roses

4. No rose without a thorn

5. As red as a rose

6. All moonlight and roses

7. To look through rose colored glasses

8. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

9. To come out smelling like roses

A. to be flushed in the face from embarrassment or exercise

B. to not be an easy, comfortable situation

C. take time to enjoy the finer things in life

D. whatever something is called, it does not change the good attributes

E. to be very enjoyable, usually in a romantic relationship

F. to maintain a favorable impression, despite involvement in an scandalous situation

G.for everything to be turning out for the good

H. to always focus on the positive aspects

I. there is rarely a positive situation without some negative element attached


1)B 2)G 3)C 4)I 5)A 6)E 7)H 8)D 9)F


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