Would You Rather: In the Still of The Night

To be used with: When the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day Playlist

If you had the opportunity, which of the following would you rather do? Answer the following questions below.

1. Would you rather see the northern lights from an ice hotel in Finland or see the sparkling lights of Paris at night from the top of the Eiffel Tower?

2. Would you rather go to Alaska and whale watch during the white nights* of summer or go to Alaska and dog sled through a snowy landscape of about 20 hours of darkness in winter?

3. Would you rather spend an evening under the stars around a campfire or an evening watching Stars on the Big Screen?

4. Would you rather go out for a night on the town to a fancy restaurant or go to a simple food truck serving the best hamburger and french fries in the whole world?

5. Would you rather watch the sunrise while on safari in the Serengeti or watch the sunrise while standing on top of Mt. Everest?

6. Would you rather attend a starlit luau in Hawaii while sitting around glowing fires eating exotic foods and hula dancing or attend the Annual Lantern Festival in Northern Thailand while sitting under a sky of glowing fire as thousands of paper lanterns are released into the moonlit night?

How about you? What would you rather do?

*Alaska has about 20 hours of daylight daily during the summer months, those nights are called White Nights.

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